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Yes! Our original Solar System Jewelry has been featured by NPR's Science Friday, BuzzFeed, MAKE:, NASA, and The Planetary Society!

Beauty in Science: Every bead has meaning! In our MiniVerse Solar System Bracelet, each bead represents ~40 million miles; in our Latitude pieces, each bead is ~50 miles.

Our Story - Bringing Meaning & Intention into Jewelry:
We have both loved Arts & Crafts since we were kids, and in 2009, we started making jewelry together. Our Catholic and Buddhist ancestors used prayer beads, where each bead has a meaning and intention, and we wondered how Science, Nature, or Mathematical concepts could be translated into beads. Our first series, the MiniVerse and Cosmogram Solar System beaded jewelry designs, we thought of as an "Astronomer's Rosary" with beads measuring each planet's distance from the Sun.

Our shop name, "Chain of Being", comes from this concept of fusing spirituality and science, noting that ancient philosophical texts were once an inspiration to early scientists while they were trying to organize the Universe. The shop came about during the Steampunk era, where ridiculous puns about science and history were all the rage, so a ridiculous pun about science and jewelry seemed fitting.

Our Solar System Jewelry was immediately a hit with Science enthusiasts everywhere, earning mentions by BuzzFeed, NPR's Science Friday, MAKE:, NASA, and Carl Sagan's Planetary Society. In 2010, NASA even used our piece to create a tutorial! :)

Since then, we've expanded our Solar System Jewelry line to include necklaces and bracelets about specific Planets and Moons. We've also made more pieces with Infographic and Science-Inspired themes, like Earth's Latitudes, Anatomy of the Veins and Arteries, and Layers of the Atmosphere.

We use gorgeous high-quality Natural Gemstones and Jeweler's-grade materials to make beautiful durable jewelry that you can enjoy for many years.

We are a small, 2-person shop, and we make everything ourselves. We live in the Central Coast Mountains of California with our kids and cats.

We research each design concept extensively before we release a new piece, so we can bring you something you won't find anywhere else.

Thanks so much for visiting, and have a beautiful day in the Universe!
- Laura and Jeremy
Chain of Being

PS. We also love making jewelry that is simply decorative, celebrating the beauty of natural stones, wood, and glass. We design for a rugged and elegant look, hoping to create a piece perfect for your next black-tie luau or punk-rock opera. Drawing and painting have been passions for both of us for most of our lives as well, and we love translating our drawings into wood, acrylic, and metal, so that they can become jewelry pieces too. You can find more of our work at Laura's other shop:

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